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Brain Drain and all that causes it

Given a chance, most Pakistanis would take a chance to move out of Pakistan to a “better” country. This “better” is associated with the opportunities that a normal, literate young person in Pakistan does not get due to economic issues. Statistically speaking, The Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) claims that 37% of Pakistanis would settle overseas. 42% of Baluchistan, 35% of Punjab, and 44% of Kashmiris wish to leave. Out of this, 62% of people aged between 15 and 24 wish to leave the country, however, the desire diminishes with age.[1]

Since this interest to settle abroad diminishes with age, we believe that in terms of settling – Pakistan is preferred. So, the base issue here is not comfort or familiarity, it is the lack of concrete opportunities. In 2022 alone, IRCC processed an all-time high of 4.8 million applications. Combining new applications processed with the reduction in Canada’s immigration application backlog, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has processed a record-breaking 4.8 million total applications.[2]

Uprooting from where you are a first-class citizen is undeniably hard. It all comes down to choosing better opportunities. Opting for better opportunities abroad seems like a more promising future compared to struggling for one where there is a lack thereof, given that you struggled your part in educating yourself – financially and emotionally. According to research, right after economic downfalls, living with dignity is the second largest reason for this brain drain, followed by security and equality.

From 1971 to June 2020, over 11.2 million Pakistanis sought work in 52 countries, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment.[3]

2022 was nothing less than a tumultuous year, in the past half-decade, we fought a pandemic, political instability, and emotional and economic downfall. Due to all this, we faced new and complicated immigration policy reform and issues surrounding border security. These issues are most likely to carry themselves into 2023.[4]

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