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Can I travel to Australia while my application decision is in the process?

All travelers who are not Australian citizens need to obtain a valid visa or authority to enter Australia. You may travel to Australia on a temporary visa while you are waiting for your permanent visa to be finalized. However, as with all visas, you must meet the criteria for that visa and ensure that your entry and stay in Australia comply with the relevant conditions of that visa.

How many months of validity do I need on my passport to travel to Australia?

Passports need to be valid to cover immediate travel arrangements only.  Where a visa is required, the validity of the passport is taken into consideration when deciding the validity or length of the visa.

Can I stay permanently in Australia?

Along with permanent residency, first a five-year visa is provided, which corresponds to the underlying migration program. The visa holder is permitted to depart and re-enter Australia until the initial visa expires. The permanent residency visa has the unique attribute of allowing the holder to remain in Australia indefinitely after the initial visa expires without violating immigration laws.

Can I work while studying in Australia?

While enrolled in classes in Australia, foreign students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week. This is an excellent chance to earn money to help pay for living expenses while you’re there and obtain job experience in your area of study. When the semester is out, the majority of student visas permit full-time employment.