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Golden visa

Golden visa

The Spanish golden visa program has been in operation since 2013 and offers investment routes to gaining residency in Spain, starting from €500,000. This residence permit grants visa-free access to the entire EU Schengen zone and can lead to permanent residency and citizenship. The full family can be included and it is ideal for those looking to live, work or study in Spain; although it is not necessary to live there in order to maintain and renew the residence permit.

Benefits of the Spain Golden Visa Program

  • Unrestricted travel to the EU
  • Government fees are low
  • The process is quick
  • Flexibility of family members
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • Access to Spain’s healthcare and education
  • Invested property can be rented out
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your global investment portfolio by purchasing property in Spain.

AEG Immigration Services can help guide you with real estate purchases, finding financial advisors, assist you in assembling a complete application, make sure you fulfil all the necessary requirements, and ensure a flawless process to get you and your family a Spanish residence permit.

Requirements for the visa:

  • clean criminal record
  • no previous refusal of any EU visa
  • minimum investment of €500,000
  • sufficient income to maintain one’s self

Possible Investment Routes:

  1. real estate acquisition valued at € 500,000
  2. investment in Spanish company shares, venture capital funds, or deposits in financial institutions, of a minimum value of € 1,000,000
  3. purchase of Spanish government debt securities of at least € 2,000,000
  4. an innovative business project intended to be carried out in Spain, that is deemed and proved to be of general interest

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