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Canada FAQ's

What is required for a Canadian work permit?

In general, all applicants need to show that they will leave Canada when their work permit expires, they are not a risk to public safety and health, they have sufficient financial means to support themselves, and they will refrain from working for ineligible employers or ineligible occupations.

More specific requirements are based on the work permit stream that is being applied for. For example, if you are applying under a work permit stream that requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), the following are needed to apply for your work permit:

  • a job offer letter
  • employment contract
  • a copy of the LMIA
  • the LMIA number

Can my spouse or partner work in Canada?

As long as the eligibility criteria of a work permit is met, your spouse or common law partner may apply for a work permit and be employed in Canada. The Spousal Open Work Permit is an option available to spouses of Canadian citizens and permanent residents while they wait for their spousal sponsorship.

I am a student in Canada, do I need a work-permit to work?

If you are enrolled as a full-time student you do not need to apply for a separate work permit. You must be enrolled in a course of 6 months or more that leads to a degree, diploma, or certificate at a designated learning institute. Your study permit will allow you to work part-time during the academic session and full-time during scheduled break. However, you must continue to meet the conditions of your study permit.

What is the processing time of a Canadian Start-up Visa?

The total processing time is currently 33 months. While you wait for your permanent residence to be processed, you can already get to Canada and start building your business by means of a temporary work permit.