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Security Guidelines

Security Guidelines

While appearing for the interview or to submit applications at Embassy/ Consulate/ Visa Centers please adhere to the following security guidelines.

  • Security regulations do not permit
    • Electronic devices or battery operated items such as cell phone, digital camera, music player, compact discs, laptop, MP3, keyless remotes etc.
    • Ladies bags/ purses, only a small pouch in hand may be permitted.
    • Cosmetics, powders, oil or sprays, liquids or lotions
    • Bags such as brief case, cloth bag, zip folders, travel bags etc, only a transparent plastic bag containing your applications and documents may be allowed.
    • Sealed packages, envelopes etc
    • Any food items
    • Cigarettes, match box, lighters etc
    • Any sharp objects such as knives, nail cutters/ filers, scissors etc
    • Any weapon or explosive material of any nature
  • However, limited quantities of following items may be allowed
    • Baby formula, food/ milk/ juice and sanitary items necessary for the infant.
    • Prescribed essential medication and medical items
  • If you need a wheelchair on the interview date, please inform the visa center while submitting applications to get permission for an attendant to accompany the applicant.
  • Only applicant will be allowed for interview; friends, relatives, attorneys etc will not be allowed.
  • Translator will be required with Afghan national who cannot speak English or French. AEG will provide appointment to translator.
  • All COVID-19 SOPs should be followed strictly. Please click on the link below to review complete guidelines.




  • The Embassy/ consulate/ visa centers, no facility is available to store any of above mentioned prohibited items; you may ensure that if you are carrying any of such items, please store off site before entry into the premises.
  • You may also note that a physical search will be carried out at all locations. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.